Mozambique Agriculture


Mozambique is in serious shortage of food among African countries, and has no experience of planting rice. The Wanbao African agricultural development project, located in the province of XAI XAI, Mozambique, is the largest agricultural project in Africa invested by China-Africa Development Fund as Chinese government designated, with a total investment of 2.1 billion RMB for planting 300 thousand Mu of rice, which is considered as the largest rice planting base in Africa so far.

Linghang Group has many years’ rice planting, processing and marketing experiences, and excellent team with extensive experience in this area. At the invitation of China-Africa Development Fund, Linghang team has visited the local project for 3 times, and eventually signed a cooperation agreement with China-Africa Development Fund in October 2016. A professional team has been organized and settled since November 2016 to start the planting work.

This project has achieved great success, with the planning of agricultural area 300 thousand Mu and equipped with rice processing production line with daily output 500 ton,  warehouse(100,000 ton storage capacity) and agricultural technology training center. At the same time, two seasons planting has not only make the reasonable utilization of land but also resolve the employment problem of local surplus labor force. And the rice is growing well, with the yield of each Mu has increased from original 100KG to 450KG.

Project Development