East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center

Brief introduction to the project of

East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center

Project profile:

The "East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center" in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, called EACLC for short, which is referred to as the Ubungo international long-distance bus station, and is built at the intersection of Morogoro Rd. and Sam Nujoma. It is the transport hub of the national and East African region of Tanzania, connected to the whole country and even the whole East African region.


Geographical advantage:    

 It is about 45 km from the Bagamoyo port which is under construction, about 10 km from the Dar Es Salaam port (Kurasini), and the Morogoro Rd of the East African trade logistics center can directly reach the port, which greatly facilitates the import and export of goods and customs clearance business. It is only 10 km from Julius Nyerere International Airport, only 5 km from the largest railway station (TAZARA tanzan railway) in the city. The best interchange place for shipping, highways and railway transportation, it’s the important  transfer station of BRT Terminal and the Urban Public Transport, the floating population is more than 50,000, and the traffic is very convenient, it is beneficial to the import of the goods, also It is an important high-end hotel's distribution center for goods and a large gathering place for people. Meanwhile, the location of the project is 8 km and 5 km to the MASAKI and MIKOCHENI of the residence area of the embassy district and the foreign population. It is only 2.5 km from the Mlimani City Shopping Mall of the city landmark. Next to the East African Commercial & Logistics Center, Blue Pearl Hotel, MIC Hotel, office building Ubungo Plaza, national Micro Finance Bank, Akiba commercial bank and other high-end hotels and large banks, are currently being built in the commercial center of the Ubungo area.


Project introduction:    

The total amount of investment of East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center is $105 million。Total area is 43,341.1m2 of the project,total building area is 90,674.6 m2. The ground floor area is 88,621.3 m2, and the underground building area is 2,053.3 m2. There’re total 2,331 shops, including 650 shops on the first floor, 715 shops on the second floor, 707 shops on the third floor and 259 shops on the fourth floor. The average area of each shop is 15 m2. The project can accommodate a total of 981 parking spaces, including 644 on roofs, 170 on fourth floor, and 167 on ground. The construction period of the project is 10 months. East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center plans construction of four storey buildings,  including half underground storage of air conditioning, heating equipment and storage warehousing. There are shops for sale and rental on first, second and third floor. There are shops, offices, restaurants and integrated offices on forth floor. Commercial and logistics industry focus on the development of hardware accessories, household appliances, daily necessities, textile and garment, bags and accessories, office stationary, digital products, motorcycle accessories. The distribution of main format plans 4S exhibition hall, 3C electrical appliances, digital electronic products… on the first floor, plans hardware heating,

bags, garments, furniture and other products on second floor, plans daily accessities, office stationary on the third floor, plans motorcycle distribution, supermarket catering, integrated office on forth floor, all parking cars, and parking volumn on forth floor roofs.


Project advantage:

Tanzania, as an important member of the ECA and the SADC, the business will radiate the whole of Africa in the commercial field. This project uses the duty-free policy reached by 21 East African countries, making the trade logistics of Tanzania more perfect with the countries of East Africa. At the same time, the project will cooperate with the local government of Dar Es Salaam Province, such as BRELA, TRA, TPA, TBS, TFDA, Immigration Bureau, Labor Department, Police Department, Bank, Currency Exchange Station, Supermarket, TIC (Tanzania investment integration center), EPZA (Export processing zone) and so on. Customs, Tax and Banks also set up offices and comprehensive service platform. After entering the shop, we will strive for a variety of preferential policies to the local government, such as tax exemptions and reductions, assistance for the integration of customs clearance and so on. Meanwhile, we will also build the Alibaba model online sales platform to promote the local online sales and the booming development of the offline Logistics.


Project development status:

The East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center has completed all the approvals by the Tanzania government, as well as all the procedures of the local government land administration, now has been entering the local marketing stage. In May, the sales center, sand table, and publicity materials will be all in place. In June-July, the full marketing, media advertising, guest visits, domestic and foreign promotion meetings will be carried out. It is expected that in August, the grand opening sales center will recognize to pre-sale. It is expected to start the opening and sale in November, and the project will begin construction in September. The project is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019, and the project will be put into operation in succession to merchants, government agencies and so on. 

With the rapid development of the One Belt One Road, FOCAC Beijing summit will be held in September this year, and the success of The East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center will be taken as a key project of Chinese enterprises to invest in Africa. Moreover, the return on investment of this project is very optimistic. With the of big data analysis, the annual yield of investment is over 12%. Customers who enter the mall can not only sell their products to the whole Tanzania, and the whole East African countries, but also enjoy the enormous benefits of real estate appreciation. Seize the opportunity, The East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center will be a turning point for your further success. Welcome to The East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center!