Construction of Logistics Park

Kurasini International Port Free Zone Logistics Park Phase II Project

“One Belt One Road”

China's Ancient Maritime Silk Road: 

Promoting Asian and African Trade and Cultural Exchanges


Tanzania sland transport artery - the Tanzania-Zambia Railway: 

promoting trade and cultural exchanges in East Africa.



Land area 248,000 square meters

1.5 km to the port

10 km from the airport

4.5 km from the city centre

5 km from Ubungo 

The project goal is: Logistics warehousing, re-export trade zone, bonded tax exemption policy and tax incentives during the project construction period



With the overall development of African economy, Tanzania is one of the fastest-growing countries in East Africa. Tanzania not only has a vast land, abundant resources, but also the new government offered preferential trade environment and development space. So that Kurisini Free Trade Zone project Come into being. 

Shanghai Linghang Group Co., Ltd under the guidance of the correct justice profit outlook, "The Belt and Road Initiative" proposed by President Xi. East Africa Trade and Logistics Center project is successfully signed at Signing Ceremony of China Africa Cooperation Forum at Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse on July 2016. The project is supported and promoted actively by the embassy of the two countries.

The project will expand the trade between China and Tanzania, quickly radiate to the East African Community and SADC countries. East Africa Trade and Logistics Center will be built four parks as follows.


Service Park: Establishing comprehensive office building living facilities, including government offices, such as customs, commodity inspection, taxation, bank and other departments which provide supporting services for the region's logistics, trade and producing, As well as including commercial office and technical training expert dormitory etc. There are also hospitals, supermarkets and other living facilities, to provide staff with a good living environment.


Trade Zone: Promoting the rapid flow of Chinese goods, achieve direct trade in commodities between China and Africa; successfully radiate throughout the East African Community and the SADC countries. To avoid the previous entrepot trade, reduce logistics costs, provide more convenient, high-quality goods for the EAC and SA, so as to improve the life quality of African people. At the same time, promote the export of African featured products; make important contributions for the local economic development. East African Trade and Logistics Center play a good driving effect on accelerating the establishment of Dar es Salaam metropolitan area, accelerate Dar es Salaam to become core city of East African Union as early as possible, promote the regional or national economic development, enhance economic competitiveness, so that it has a pivotal role in the economic development of Tanzania and Africa. East Africa Trade and Logistics Center is connected to domestic and international, is the incubator of new technology and new ideas, with a strong international radiation and linkage effects, so as to promote local economic health, rapid and sustainable development.


Logistics Park: Introducing advanced technology and equipment, and excellent management personnel, using intelligent and digital scientific management methods, to improve the local logistics efficiency and high quality service, increase the local tax revenue, promote investment and consumption, create jobs for the local people, increase employment opportunities. Intensive management of the business model and centralized distribution center for goods and materials, will completely change the bad business environment and low utilization rate of individual service resources, will avoid supply chain and logistics resources waste. Through the integration of the economies of scale, and the management of the network operations and information technology, will effectively avoid the waste of resources and energy brought by the individual behavior, will save a lot of resources for the society.


Processing Park: Introducing mature processing technology of industrial, using Tanzania abundant raw material resources, relying on a large number of local surplus labor, will increase the proportion of local production of products in the market. At the same time, according to local policy, setting the bonded zone in the park, fast processing of semi-finished materials from China, to build a modern offshore bonded processing platform, improve the level of industrialization and local industry. According to the need of industrialization, expanding the training of local staff, improving local worker productivity. At the same time, this platform is also the bridgehead in the field of product, brand and capital into Dar Es Salaam, developing level of regional economy and promoting the formation of the whole social market economy to improve.