orange橘子平台官网:Zanzibar Granted Dr. Lisa Wang (Chairman of Linghang Group) “Promotion Ambassador, Zanzibar”Honor

Release time: 2017/12/29 9:55:01   |   Publisher: admin

Hon. Amb. Amina Salum Ali, Minister of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Marketing, invite group of Ministers from Agriculture, Finance, Tourism dedicated ceremony for Linghang Group. Ministry of Trade, Industry and Marketing Zanzibar grant Shanghai Linghang Group Co.,Ltd “Economic and Commercial Trade Representative Office, Zanzibar in China, and Granted Dr. Lisa Wang (Chairman of Shanghai Linghang Group) “Promotion Ambassador, Zanzibar”.

Hon. Juma. Ali. Juma, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Marketing pronounce ceremony opening and deliver a speech. He point out that “I am very glad to invite guests here to witness this grand ceremony. I would like to thank Dr. Lisa, Chairman of Shanghai Linghang Group Co.,Ltd, who personally took her teams to visit Zanzibar many times. She has rich experience in the project and also organized so many business travel groups coming Zanzibar for investment. Today, she came again with her team. We are honored to award this honor to her and hope her bring more contributions to Zanzibar in the future.”

Then Hon. Amb. Amina Salum Ali, Minister of Industry and Trade Marketing of Zanzibar pointed out in her speech: we welcome Shanghai Linghang Group Co.,Ltd to invest projects in Zanzibar very much. We will open the door to welcome more companies like Linghang Group to invest Zanzibar. We will actively cooperate with and provide support for the better development of Chinese-funded enterprises investing in Zanzibar in the future. I would like to thank Ambassador Lisa Wang for all that she has done for Zanzibar. Hereby, I will award the honor to her and she deserve it.

Dr. Lisa Wang, Chairman of Shanghai Linghang Group Co.,Ltd, also delivered a speech. She pointed out that the future development belongs to Zanzibar. We have the ability and confidence in all projects and will fulfill our commitments to promote cultural exchanges between the two countries. This will bring more business travel groups to visit and invest in this beautiful land which has rich business opportunities. Later Lisa Wang introduce a wonderful project analysis and future development plan in Zanzibar. The applause of the venue was attracted by the wonderful speech.


Shanghai Linghang Group Co.,Ltd also paid a separate meet with Hon. Khalid S. Mohamed, the Minister of Finance of Zanzibar, to report on the progress of the projects and to listen to the instructions from the Minister of Finance of Zanzibar. The Finance Minister stated that Zanzibar’s Ministry of Finance will do its utmost to support Linghang Group’s investment in Zanzibar and welcome more Chinese companies to invest in Zanzibar.



Chairman Lisa Wang paid a separate visit and met with Hon. Rasid Ali Juma, Minister of Tourism of Zanzibar. Lisa invite the Minister of Tourism of Zanzibar coming China visiting and she hope to establish more bridges between China and Zanzibar in the future. The Minister of Tourism stated that he hope that more more and more Chinese people visit Zanzibar. He encourages people in Zanzibar to learn Chinese and to serve the Chinese people better who travel to Zanzibar. At the same time, he hopes to utilize the media and television power of China promoting Zanzibar, attract more Chinese to visit Zanzibar.


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