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《A new opportunity for business cooperation between China and Tanzania: Zanzibar》the development forum is held in Shanghai

From April 27, 2018 to April 28th, 《A new opportunity for business cooperation between China and Tanzania: Zanzibar》 was held in Shanghai Sofitel Sheshan Oriental Hotel. Mr. Mbelwa Kairuki, Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania. H.E Amb. Amina Salum Ali, Minister of Trade and Industry and Marketing, Zanzibar, the United Republic of Tanzania. Mr. Juma Ali Juma, Principal Secretary, Minister of Trade and Industry and Marketing, Zanzibar, the United Republic of Tanzania. Mr. Lv Youqing, former People's Republic of China ambassador to United Republic of Tanzania. Mr. Lu Jindong, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the former Shanghai cooperation and Exchange Committee and Secretary of the discipline committee. Mr. Liu Jianguo, general manager of China Africa Fund Market Development and Advisory Services Department. Media reporters. Nearly 500 people attended the meeting.


This forum is hosted by the United Republic of Tanzania Zanzibar government and the Tanzania Embassy in China. It is organized by Shanghai LingHang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai LingHang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a diversified group of Overseas Investment, Urban Development Planning, Airport and Port construction, Bulk Cargo import and export, Food processing and manufacturing and International Trade. The group headquarters is located in Shanghai, and there are branches and the manufacturing base in many cities in China, domestic and foreign branches throughout Guangzhou, HongKong, Singapore, Central Asia, Africa and Oceania. LingHang group is in response to the "The Belt and the Road" strategy to promote docking and coupling Chinese and East Africa and even the entire African countries development strategy, to promote China investments in Africa, to promote investment and consumption, create demand and employment, to export the surplus capacity of China to drive the sales of domestic small commodities in East Africa and Africa. LingHang group has invested and built the East African trade logistics center in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, to create the trade logistics center in East Africa. The East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center will radiate to all East African communities, SADC and other countries and regions in Africa.


The subject of this forum is a new opportunity for Tanzania business cooperation, in response to President Xi, ”The Belt and Road” Initiative policy oriented, to the excellent project in cooperation with the Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises. The forum uses the viewpoint of sustainable development to enhance the cognition of Chinese capital to Zanzibar's investment environment and provide investment platform for Chinese capital to enter Zanzibar. The forum discussed and exchanged the successful cases of China-Tanzania,Zanzibar, and promoted the successful experience and sought the win-win development direction of both sides.


The forum has been highly valued by the government of Zanzibar, attracting the active participation of the domestic government, authoritative experts and enterprises. The main guests are involved in engineering equipment, credit insurance, tourism industry, banking finance, real estate construction, agricultural trade, food processing, foundation construction, cultural exchange, packaging industry, deep-sea fisheries, new energy.

On the day of the forum, Shanghai LingHang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was awarded as the business representative office of Zanzibar in Shanghai, and Ms.Wang Xiangyun, chairman of the company, was awarded as the ambassador of Zanzibar government.


Driven by the efforts of LingHang group, on the day of the forum, Zanzibar government agreed with the Economic Development Zone of Wendeng District, Weihai, Shandong, and Rushan, Weihai, Shandong Province, and signed a "letter of intent of economic cooperation".

On that day, several projects were signed on the forum.

1、Zanzibar port development project, trilateral agreement

2、MOU for development of Star City Zanzibar city complex trilateral agreement

3、MOU between Zanzibar Government- LingJang Tanzania company on the development of Airport, Free trade zone, and Logistics center

4、MOU between Zanzibar government and Zanzibar Green Farm Co. on the development of green farming in Zanzibar

5、Letter of Intent on cooperation on Fishery industries

Forum of 《A new opportunity for business cooperation between China and Tanzania: Zanzibar》successfully ended on the evening of 28. We believe that the deep traditional friendship between China and Tanzania and the friendly and cooperative relations between the various fields will open a new page. Time series change, dream go forward, Tanzania and China actively participate in the "The Belt and the Road” construction, promote the construction of a common destiny of mankind, continue to maintain close cooperation. For a better world environment, more broad vision, more extensive pattern and more relaxed manner, open a new magnificent journey, to make newer and greater contributions.


(photo of main personnel attended forum)