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In September of the Golden Autumn, with the successful conclusion of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the World's Anti-Fascist Victory, the campus has ushered in a new academic year and is filled with vigor and youth. On September 14th , 2015, Wang Xiangyun, Chairman of Linghang Group Co.,Ltd and her team arrived at the Southern part of Chinathe Yuepu Primary School of Yuepu Lake Township, Kashgar City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and donated teaching supplies valued at RMB 160,000 for the frontier.


All teachers and students of the school warmly welcome the arrival of Ling Hang Group Co.,Ltd


Chairman Wang Xiangyun (second from left) and Ling Hang Public Welfare Team

Concern Southern Border

September of this year is destined to be an extraordinary September. A grand Military Parade brought back the national pride of every Chinese people. At the same time, the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, once again demonstrated the development of Southern Xinjiang in front of the people. Linghang Group Following the donation of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Elementary School and Shanghai Zhikang Children's Health Park, it was influenced by the relatively backward educational facilities in the southern area of the motherland. Chairman Wang Xiangyun personally contacted the local aid party organizations. After understanding the needs of local schools, she started Linghang Group donation fund. The charitable fund donated the first batch of teaching equipment for the school, including 21 laptops, 1 HD projector and audio equipment, wireless headphones, electric piano, etc., and they have come to Nanjiang, the mother country, for thousands of miles to donate their love and infinite power.


Ingenuous Students


Happy Smile


A Letter of Thanks from the Local Cadres in Xinjiang



Linghang Director Yang Deliver Speech


Children Waiting For Wearing Red Scarf for Friends


Chairman of Linghang Group Wang Xiangyun, interviewed by local media



Linghang Public Welfare Team, Local Cadres and Children Took a Friendly Photo


Charity Continues

According to the introduction of Yuepu Lake Tiyu Primary School (also known as 6 Village Primary School), it was built in 1932 and has a history of 83 years. Linghang Group is very excited to become a joint venture of Tiyu Elementary School and will continue to provide Yuepu Lake Tiyu Primary School more teaching equipment. We hope that all children can be admitted to mainland universities to learn the advanced experience of the Mainland and benefit their hometown.


Primary School Principals and Local Aid Agencies in Xinjiang Introduced the Campus


Primary School Principals and Local Aid Agencies in Xinjiang Introduced the Campus


Visit the Classroom

I Am Chinese, I Love My Motherland


This is a kindergarten classroom where teachers use Chinese and Uyghur language to teach. It read “I am Chinese and I Love My Motherland” on the wall. Our nation has 56 ethnic groups. 56 nationalities have united together to form a country with vast land and resources. It is a national responsibility and obligation to make donations.


If you are also a kind person but have no time coming Xinjiang, please contact us, we will bring your love to every child in need of help.


Ps: Just RMB 1,000 a year can be used to help one cute kid on a one-on-one basis.