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Release time: 2022/2/9 11:08:18   |   Publisher: admin

From September 26 to 29, 2021, the second China Africa economic and Trade Expo was successfully held in Changsha, Hunan. As one of the most important economic and trade cooperation platforms under the China Africa Cooperation Forum mechanism, China Africa economic and Trade Expo has attracted much attention.


With the help of Tanzania Linguo group, more than 40 Tanzanian companies were unable to set up a comprehensive exhibition booth with the help of Tanzania Linguo group. The exhibits mainly include red wine, soybeans, peanuts, sesame, cashew nuts, seasonings, olive oil, handicrafts, etc.


On the first day of the Expo, many multimedia came one after another, and news organizations such as Hong Kong Satellite TV and Hunan local TV reported all aspects and all aspects of the exhibits exhibited by our company and the exhibition activities; Some we media and news writers also reported on our booth in their own forms; These news media generally believe that our company has many product categories, large exhibition area and good personnel image, which is also a concentrated affirmation of our company's participation in the exhibition.


In addition to the news media, leaders of the Department of Commerce of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, the Department of agriculture and rural areas of Hunan Province, Hunan customs and other government agencies also visited our booth to understand our participation in the exhibition, and affirmed our active participation in China Africa trade and cooperation. In addition, the hemp Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Anliang group also visited the booth and expressed a strong willingness to cooperate.



During the exhibition, our company also signed a number of strategic cooperation contracts. On the 26th, it signed a contract with Qingdao Sirui International Logistics Co., Ltd. in Gaoqiao market, the branch venue of this Expo.