orange橘子平台官网:Canton Fair 2015

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Spring breeze fill the land, overseas customers gather in Linghang. Find Linghang Food Manufacturer, gain healthy body for all.  

May 2015, it is the opening ceremony of the China Import and Export Fair. The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. Linghang come out as a brand-new appearance: stunning appearance.


Linghang Booth in the Fair

Linghong always make sufficient plan in advance for the Fair. We emphasize on staff etiquette, greetings etiquette, personnel dress and other aspects to make everything perfect. The exhibitors are the most professional and showpiece are the best. Linghang show its optimal image to the whole world.



Procurement representatives from all over the world are satisfied with the products and services of Linghang. There are not only new customers’ enquiry, but also demands from old customers. There are so many exhibitors in Canton Fair, why Linghang is so recognized: due to its persistence over the years, its Integrity, Realism, service and innovation.


Here is Linghang’s PRODUCT SHOW:


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