LingHang group is an investment company with diversified projects of industrial investment, property development, overseas constructions, import and export trade, overseas tourism development. The group is headquartered in Shanghai, China, setting up branches in a number of domestic cities, production Manufacturing base & subsidiary in Hongkong, Singapore, Africa, Oceania and others.

LingHang Group is mainly engaged in deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, research and development of organic food and green food, health food import and export trade, construction steel structure, the import and export of machine tools, ship design R & D and manufacturing at home and abroad, as well as Security City, bus station and commercial city and logistic center, financial investment and other international trade. Products were sold to domestic and foreign markets, in the meanwhile, turnover increased by more than 35% per year.

Business groups involved in convenient food, logistical supplies, hardware, machinery, CCTV security engineering, building design and construction, urban development planning, ship trade, with professional equipment and perfect technical service Business network. In a long term, the enterprise always maintains a good momentum of development.

By virtue of the domestic and international economic rapid development, LingHang group gives full play of their strengths and potential to expand the depth to the worldwide market. LingHang group accumulates rich financial capital, combines with the application of science and technology and Industry Field experience, international corporate reputation and domestic and international market brand operation and management capabilities. All what is committed to the positive development of industrial investment and other business.  

1.  Food processing field: organic food processing, rice cultivation and processing, of which about 200 acres of processing base, the current profits and taxes 12 million yuan, training about 500 employees 

2.  Overseas Investment field: following the principle of China's Belt and Road  initiative, the foreign investment projects of the Group are now come to Tanzania,Kenya, Ethiopia and other countries. At present, it has successfully started the project of the East African commercial & Logistics Center in Dar es Salaam City. The project has a total investment of about 100 million U.S. dollars and can provide 20,000 local jobs.  Various projects the Group invested in have achieved good returns.


3.  Construction field: The Group has a construction qualification company in Dar es

salaam and has built the latest 21st century steel warehouse for the TPDF military in Tanzania.


4.  Trade Logistics And Aviation field: In this area, the Group can reaches 120 million U.S. dollars trade volume each year and owns its own logistics and e-commerce businesses. In aviation, we have been authorized by many aircraft manufacturers in China to build a construction site for the African region and to cooperate with Asterigroup Co., Ltd in South Africa. Aircraft leasing and charter flights with South Africa, Dubai and Namibia. Meanwhile, we are positively processing the export of local wine, cashew and other local goods.


5.  Social charity: Linghang Group never forgets to return to and contribute to society, In China, Linghanggroup donated to build primary schools in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places, and donated things to people in disaster areas.




Ling Hang Group, cooperating with China-Africa Development Fund, invests in the development of agricultural projects in Mozambique; the whole area of the agricultural projects is about 20,000 hectares, with a total investment of more than 1.2 billion US dollars. The project succeeded in driving the development of local agriculture and raising production from the original 100 kilograms to over 500 kilograms per Mu. In the meanwhile, it solved the problem of insufficient food in local area, levelled local people's plant cultivation techniques, raised the incomes of local people and promoted Local economic development.



East Africa Commercial & Logistics Center total investment is more than 100 million US dollars, the construction of total area is 125,000 square meters, which contains 3,500 shop stores. The establishment of this project will greatly promote the development of Dar es Salaam city; each year it will drive more than 40 billion U.S. dollars of trade volume, create 20,000 jobs and bring enormous tax revenue to the locality government. Thereafterthe city of Dar-es-Salaam will become an East African trade and logistics center and become a bridgehead for goods entering the East African market.




LingHang food (Shandong) Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Weihai Nanhai new area, the company was founded in May 2012, plans to invest 500 million yuan to build a long-term LingHang food industrial park with an area of nearly 200 acres, planning a total area of 72000 square meters. The company has the qualification of grain and oil food for import and export business. Linghang food imports more than ten thousands of Ton rice, sugar and sunflower oil, and are planning import clove in the future. We have big request of quantity for clove for medical and flavor.

LINGHANG food also can provide fast and convenient instant noodles, Steamed Rice, MRE, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as the processing of various types of food packages and research and development.



Sino - Tanzania Tourism Association is one subsidiary company of LINGHANG GROUP, we have arranged many Business Travel delegations to Tanzania every year. They are from CHAIRMAN, CEO, CTO, COO of big group company; they are Investment consortium for investing different projects. Every year they will invest billions US dollar in agriculture, manufacturing, hotel and industrial. All of these investments will bring huge revenue for local government, and bring more jobs for local people.


Every year, we will hold investment promotion tour of Tanzania in Shanghai Jiaotong University to invite all the business owners to attend to let them know the investment environment and tourism characteristics of Zanzibar, so that these consortia may know more about Zanzibar



l  CADFund -- China-Africa Development Fund

l  China National Development Bank

l  China EXIN Bank

l  Heilongjiang Farming Group--- Chinese biggest Farming Group.

l  Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences --- the famous agriculture scientist Pro. Yuan Longping is come from here.

l  China Yiwu Commodity City

l  Shanghai Jiaotong University CEO Alumni Association